Yoga for everyone

Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor

I have been practicing Hatha Yoga for many years and I am a Yoga Alliance (200 hrs) and EU certified, (650 hrs) teacher.

My classes are tailored to any level of experience and attitude. The focus is on breathing throug the correct alignment and on bodymind benefits. Il love it when people look serene and satisfied, while rising to a seat after the final Shavasana.
I also teach Prenatal, Postnatal Yoga and Mum&Baby Yoga and I really love it: Moms-to-be and Moms-and-Babies are delightful, energetically and spiritually.
I work in Milan at Dimillecolori, L’Etude de BleucielMammeincorso. I was previously at Arci Bellezza. I teach Yoga during lunchtime at a big corp in Milan.
I have also worked as a personal trainer, conducting individual practice. Classes can be both in English and in Italian.

I completed a 200 hrs training at Samadhi School of Florence and a 500 hrs training at Vistara School of Milan. Through an “Integral Yoga” approach I was trained on Asana, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Mudra, Bhanda, Kriya and meditation.
I attended several workshops and seminars with Gabriella Cella, Willy Van Lysbeth, Wanda Vanni, Leslie Kaminoff, Tamara Levinson Campos, Daniele Rabozzi and Beatrice Calcagno.